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add remove Can any employee raise an alert?

Yes, any user can raise/report an alert by mentioning the bot by typing @Alert Bot followed by their message in posts/comments. The alert can be raised for existing posts or any external links.

Alerts can be created by users in posts/comments by mentioning the bot, @Alert Bot, followed by any supporting text or link they find suitable. User can also report any content in chat via the Report Content option. Users can choose any of the above option to create an alert.

For every alert, admins(who are members of the specified alert group) would be notified. They can also take actions on the alerts.

No , only admins who are part of configured group can claim or take actions on the raised alerts( resolve them or mark them as a false claim).

Not at all! We don’t preserve any data, the bot only looks up for mentioned post or comment id and ignores the rest of the text.

Yes, alert is raised as soon as the the bot is mentioned in some posts/comments in Workplace or an alert is created by the user via the Workchat.

Lifecycle of the Alert bot consists of the following steps -

  • Alert raised
  • Notification to admins/ post creation in group
  • Alert claimed by one of the admins
  • Alert resolved after necessary action/ alert marked as a False alarm