Overview - Alert Bot

The Alert bot is a Content Monitoring tool on Workplace.

Alert bot would automatically create an alert to the admins when it is mentioned in post/comment in Workplace Group or when a user reports any content via the Workchat.

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How to go about it??

Alert bot Lifecycle

Alert trigger

Whenever a user wants to create an alert for some content posted in Workplace group or any external link, they can mention the bot in post/comment or directly go to Workchat and Report Content in text or link format.

  • Claim
  • Resolve
  • False alarm


Whenever one of the admins, claims an alert, it signifies that he/she is taking up the responsibility to resolve it.

Mark Resolved

After the claim, an admin may take any required action to resolve the alert. For example - if an alert has been raised that could suggest a possible security breach, a thorough security check can be done to evade the breach.

False Alarm

On some occasions, the user might raise an alert in a casual or different context, other than the usual alert. In such cases, alert resolutions are not required, and admins can identifying such events and mark the alert as a false claim.

For example - If some fake news is propagating in social media and you wish to get it checked by the concerned authority, then the admins can verify the content and update the status as False Alarm to mark it as incorrect information.

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Alert post Notifcations

An alert would be created almost immediately as someone mentions the alert bot or reports any content via the Workchat. For every update in this alert, a comment would be added in the post.

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Gain insights via vivid analytics

Analytics shows the number of alerts created, resolved and marked false. It displays the leaderboard of the top alert creators and resolvers.


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