Configurations - Crisis Bot

As an admin you can choose the following configurations for the bot. On the Crisis bot dashboard, click on Configuration

Enable approval
  • As you enable prior approval, choose by whome you wish the crisis alert to be approved

    Choose either of the below -

    • Approver group - Seeks approval from the members of a specified Approver group.

    • Reporting manager - Requests R.M(of the user who tried creating the alert) for approval if available, else requests members of the Approver Group

    Approver Group Name

    Enter the name of a Workplace group having all the approvers as its members. Please ensure you are the admin of the group.

    User Limit

    You can also choose to specify a particular user-limit upto which you don't wish the alert to run for approval. For example - you set the User limit as 10 , in that case if someone raises an alert which concerns less than or equal to 10 people- the alert would be triggered automatically without any approval. However, if the user count is more than 10 and you have checked the Enable Approval option, the alert would go for prior approval.

  • Choose a default time-zone for your organization

    Choosing a default time-zone helps in scheduling alerts more suitably.

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