Configurations - Helpdesk Bot

Helpdesk bot allows admins to configure various aspects of the chatbot and its functionality

Add Desks
    • Go to Huminos and login to your account. Click on the Dashboard button of Helpdesk bot. Few tabs in right side will appear. Click on Configuration tab

    • Or admin can type #configure in Helpdesk chat window. A message with configuration link and to regenerate that link again will appear. Click in Configure button. It will take the admin to Helpdesk bot web configuration page.

    • Create a new using the button “Create New Desk”. Enter details of desk and submit.

      Admin has to create a new desk. A desk refers to a functional department on which the admin want to receive issues/queries from user. Each desk must have a Workplace group to be tagged.

      • Desk Name

      • Desk Owner (Workplace user email)

      • Workplace Group (Create a group in workplace if not present and find it here in autocomplete of group name suggestion. If you don’t find your recently created group in list please click on refresh icon near to that and search again for your group)

    • If you do not enable the checkbox for Select an existing group it will create a new group in your Workplace and map that group with desk. Click on ADD

    • If you already have a Workplace group to map with the desk, click on the checkbox and type the group name in the given input field. Select that group and click on ADD

Add Desk Types
  • You can add new type by click on + Add New Type in desk

    Enter type name and click on Add

Assign Admin/Agent to Desk
  • All your desks will be available with the tagged group and count of owner and agents with each desk. Click on Manage User Roles to add/delete admin from current desk.

    Clicking on Manage User Roles will open a new model with details of existing owner/agents for that desk and option to edit or delete a existing desk owner/agent roles and activate or deactivate a desk.

  • Admins can choose either of these two methods for assigning agents to the issues -

    Manual assignment - Owner assigns agent to an issue.

    Direct assignment - Agents will be chosen on a round-robin basis

  • Maximum number of reminders (upto 10) user can send in 24 hours to the assigned agent seeking actions on an issue. Set 0 to disable nudge to agent.

  • Days after which issue reporter will not be able to reopen his/her resolved or rejected issue (between 10-120).

  • If enabled, Owners and Agents will be automatically reminded for pending actions on issues

  • Hours (post an issue is reported) after which owner will be reminded to assign the issue to an agent if it is still unassigned (between 2-75).

  • Hours (post an issue is assigned) after which the agent will be reminded to respond on the issue (between 10-75).

  • Choose a suitable time-span within which you want the agents/owners to be notified about issue updates.

  • Choose the working days for your organization. Agents would be notified on Working days about the issues and updates.

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